This year one of our milestone projects was a Topographic Terrain model for river connection projects. This is the first time in India that we are able to represent the topography of the region so accurate and to the scale that it was used as a reference by the bench of honorable supreme court judges of Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal established to resolve the water crisis between the state of Goa and the state of Karnataka. The objective of this model was to give the judges a clear bird eye view of the terrain and the water bodies present in that terrain so that they can make use of this information for taking the right decision. Honorable judges appreciated the model very much. It was a great challenge in terms of applying our design knowledge. The model was commissioned by Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Ltd, Government of Karnataka. The model showcased the Mahadayi water basin and different tributaries of the river Mahadayi along with the proposed projects on the river Mahadayi at different stages. It also showcased proposed connections between Mahadayi and Malaprabha rivers.