Photo frames have mostly been rectangular and they are so boring. Why not awesome shapes? So we designed some fun shapes for kids. We are sure that you will strike a funny conversation with your kids while inserting their photos in these creative frames and share your funny childhood memories with them.

Order today हाथी मेरे साथी (Haathi mere Saathi), पापा जी की गड्डी (Papaji ki Gaddi), सुअर का बच्चा Suar ka Baccha, बदमाश किटाणू (Badmash Kitanu), टेढ़ा बैंगन Tedha Baingan, मोटू पेंग्विन (Motu Penguine) to surprise your kids.

Display their Innocent, Adorable, Angry, Naughty, Sleepy and all precious moods with frafo.