Rishi is a design professional who constantly keeps on thinking about products, spaces, colours, patterns. He loves to get his hands dirty and make it himself. He has M.A. in Industrial Design from Loughborough University, UK. Always unsatisfied and wanting to do more, he is a Founder and Principal Designer at bucket design.

Bucket  Design is an innovative way of looking around.

We are constantly making choices about how we wish to live our lives as individuals and as a community. Whether it is the food we eat, the way we look, products we use, the place we live in or the way we communicate. It is all designed. Designed by us, humans.

Our passion is to design experiences. We come up with innovative design ideas that have potential of changing your business forever.

We are providing design solutions in product, brand, space, retail, furniture and service areas to clients across the globe.

Our mission is to provide meaningful design solutions to our clients and create enhanced value in their businesses.

The studio is engaged in various design projects currently with different clients.